This is not only a consulting clinic, but prenatal classes, specially with GARBHSANSKAR.  We take personal sessions of each planning pregnancy couple and pregnant lady for better results.

You can get different types of other help related to baby (unborn or born)in our clinic. Like:sanskar-img1

–         Right and practical guidance for planning pregnancy

–         Essential Ayurvedik drugs and advice for best egg

–         Prenatal -8 sessions ( u can attend it anytime through out the pregnancy)

–         Prescription for fetus and mother health related

–         Reading material eg. Positive writings and storybooks from our library

–         Healthy, easy and practical recipes

–         Ready packs like healthy multigrain atta, milk powder, post delivery powder and other needs

–         Music CDs for meditation and exercise

–         Every month pamphlets in English or Gujarati for reading at home which includes all material, help and guidance for pregnancy

–         Special session for Fathers to be

–         Post delivery breastfeeding guidance, if u need at your home

–         Baby care according to her age growth and medicines for better immunity

–         Guidelines for food and activities for baby

–         Solutions of common behavior , physical and psychological problems of your kid

–         Helping tips for better concentration and studies

–         Special  self education session for teenage girls

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