1.   Why should we plan pregnancy ?

A –  We are humans and going to have a human baby, not a gadget from our body. So don’t behave ordinary.

Eliminate your bad qualities and diseases from you.  Have best eggs (sperm & ovum) & conceive for the super child.

2.  If we are thinking about the kid, before how much time we should consult this clinic ?

A –  A year or six months ago.

3.  Is it safe to do yoga and all exercise in pregnancy ?

A –  There are special exercise and yoga postures for pregnancy.  Also we teach you live (not only by cd or pictures). So you can do right and perfect.  It is 100 % safe and essential for  flexibility of  muscles & energy.

4.  How the ayurvedic drugs are helpful in pregnancy ?

A –  Ayurved has the thousands of ‘Aushadhis’ ( mediciine) which helps for brain development, increase weight, iron, calcium, developing the colour of skin, gastric problems, vitalizing your body ,helpful for fetus etc.  These are safe and indicated special doze for pregnancy.

5.  What is garbh sanskar ?

A –  The meaning of garbh sanskar is educating the fetus in the womb. In Indian culture ,it is believed that education of material, traditional and spiritual values starts right from the time the fetus is formed in the womb. Science has proved that baby in the womb can learn from initial stages. Mother’s bond with the child starts right from the time of conception. The baby listens to the mother and feels her feelings even when it is developing in the womb. This is why it is important to transfer positive thoughts, positive energies and the emotions to the baby (and to the pregnant woman herself). The mother can shape up baby’s first impressions by listening to good music, reading material that stimulates positive thinking, meditating, doing yoga and much more. The positive thinking and attitude promotes physical wellbeing of the mother and the baby throughout the pregnancy and after. The advantages of garbh sanskar are not only that you educate your child but there is development of a bond between the mother and the child.

6.  How your clinic is different than other pegnancy classes ?

A –  Every parent wishes to have a  talented and virtuous child. All virtues can be acquired through the Sanskar (i.e. purification) process. Today, science proves that the fetus can learn and memorize; and hence, good values can be imparted to it. Astha Ayu clinic is experimenting the concept of Garbh-Sanskar with other needed prenatal education in our pregnancy sessions. Thus, to procreate a bright, healthy & cultured baby you should once consult us.

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