It was a wonderful experience to attend these prenatal sessions because i was always afraid of pregnancy.  only after two sessions i was totally fearless and more confident.
– Pooja Verma.

I wanted to ask my gynecologist so many queries and questions of my mind.  But i got satisfied and relaxed only after consulting this clinic. Proper and satisfied answers are most expected in pregnancy period and that dr. jolly understands well.
– Aarati Parekh.

Because of garbh sanskar sessions , i feel that i could pass best suggestions and positiver energy to my child from conceiving to child birth. Also meditation and yoga help me a lot for my body.
– Shivani Sheth

Whenever i feel confusion in my child’s development , i always consult here. Doctor always suggests best, most practical and healthy tips for my child. It is really helpful and feeling of always getting perfect.
– Kamini Kamdar

We are glad to share our happiness with you and very thankful to you for your dedicated guidance in favor of healthy child and mother. it helps us a lot.
– Vd. kinjal & Bhavdeep Ganatra

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