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It is not advisable to travel with sick baby. Always prefer winter season, make checked up your child with a doctor before long tour and have all necessary utility with you for baby.
Make sure in long tours with babies.
– Have boiled water container with you.
– Do not feed heavy,during journey.
– Prefer reservation and a/c vehicle.
– Never drink outside water. Use mineral water.
– Have enough clothes, caps (which close ears tightly),socks and blankets
– Take all medicines with dropper or cup with you.
The food is also very important part during travelling.
– Breastfeed babies must have breast milk instead of trying any other milk.
– Toddlers should have powder milk, and homemade food.
– Kids can have boiled milk, hot cooked food. e.g. rice, dal, bread toast with butter, dosa, sambhar, upma etc.
Don’t make them eat so much junk food. Try different liquids and have enough water.
Have hand sanitizer with you.

Pregnancy is, no doubt, the most wonderful and trickiest period for a woman. Overweight pregnant women have so many problems like back pain, blood pressure, sugar in blood, trouble in labor etc. Here are some basic precautions for overweight pregnant women.
@ Make sure for regular body check up with your doctor.
@ Adopt a healthy diet for controlled weight gain. So you get perfect nutrition and less calories for your baby.(consult Astha Ayu Clinic for diet plans)
@ Examine blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Get routine urine tests done.
@ Exercise, do yoga and deep breathing but under supervision.
@ Look out for signs of premature delivery. Regular sonography is needed.
@ Ensure adequate sleep
@ Don’t think so much but be practical and try to tackle the situation with patience.

It is said that you should take care of your self till 6 weeks after delivery, as your uterus will take that much time to have original position and condition. Also, your baby will take that much time to adjust with feeding, environment and daily routine.
1) Don’t try to drive
2) Don’t lift anything heavier than your baby
3) Don’t try sex before you’ve healed
4) Don’t take any pills without doctor’s advice
5) Don’t do heavy household chores.
6) Don’t talk so much on mobile phones
7) Don’t over eat

Yoga has been proven to reduce the amount of stress hormones in your body. Ideally, yoga tones muscles without straining them,promotes good circulation, reduces stress, helps clear mental fuzziness, eases nausea,and relieves some of the routine aches pains of pregnancy. Learning yoga breathing techniques can also help you cope with contractions.

If you have never practiced yoga before, don’t try to start from scratch on your own or with a video. Instead, join prenatal yoga classes (we teach it).

With the permission of your doctor, you can exercise regularly with special supervision. It’s important that you stand, walk and sit with good alignment. You want your lower back to be well supported and back to be more straight than curved. Checkout your working area, and make sure that you are not contorting yourself, hunching over, leaning to one side,or putting pressure on your wrists. Your right postures and working habits will give you healthy pregnancy.

Prenatal Sanskar gives u best tips
* The winter routine for your kids *

– Have three almonds in the morning
– Drink milk with kesar(saffron), crystal sakar and haldi(turmeric)
– Massage the body with ‘Til tail’ or olive oil and take bath with the paste(massoor atta + malai) instead of soap
– Add 5 drops of glycerin in full bucket of warm water at the time of bath
– Daily eat Khajur(dates) and anjir (fig)
– have plenty of green leafy vegetables in any form
– close your ears in morning and night time, when you are out
– Take five deep breathing daily and any type of exercise for ten minutes

for further details and information contact Dr. jolly pariikh

This is perfect recipe for Pregnant ladies who needs more protein specially in second and third trimester.
This can be eaten in morning breakfast with milk/yogurt , with curd/green chutney in lunch and with kheer/yogurt in dinner.
For four parathhas-


For dough –
1/2 cup soya flour
1/2 cup wheat flour
ghee- 1/2 tbsp
curd – 1 tbsp
salt – to your taste
ajawain powder – 1 tea spoon
water as needed

For stuffing –
3/4 cup moong sprouts
2 tbsp coriander
1 tbsp cheese shredder
salt to taste
black salt – 1/2 tea spoon
black pepper – 1 tea spoon
pinch of hing

Method – First of all gather all the things for dough and make a dough like parathha (soft). Make four ‘gullas’.
Then make sprouts half cook, and make it drain & dry properly. Add other ingredients in sprout and divide the stuffing in four parts. Now roll the gulla and fill the stuffing inside. And again roll it. Cook it on nonstick pan and use ghee for roasting. Have with any milk product and enjoy.

For further details and information contact dr jolly parikh.

In our Ayurveda science, there is a special importance of massage of baby. From birth to at least 2 years of age, you should massage a baby with oil or ‘ghee’. Also the kids after two years of age should massage specially in winter.
Generally these oils are used for massge-
Til oil
Olive oil
almond oil
coconut oil
cow ghee
also, some other medicated oils are used as per child’s fitness and nature of skin.
for more details and information contact Dr. jolly parikh

Nausea and Vomiting
are very common in first trimester(first three months of pregnancy)
easy tips to get comfort from them. try it –
@ Have plenty of fluids
@ Eat Small frequent food
@ Keep high carbohydrate snacks with you in bed to eat early morning
@ Do relaxation exercise to make you stress free
@ Go in fresh air and deep breath
Ayurved magic :- use mint or ginger or elaichi prepration in your mouth when needed

Fruits are best in pregnancy that we all know.  But when you remember these rules,  you can get best result of those.

*  use seasonal

* always fresh

* without any spices or salt

* carefully washed

* use in form of room temp. (not so cooled)

* cut by yourself

* eat with peel (those can be eaten)

Also combination of fruits can be also helpful for your stomach and digestion.

eg. – papaya with apple

– orange with banana

– watermelon with pomegranate

– mango with muskmelon or peach

– custard apple with mausambi