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* You can start breast feeding within an hour or two after birth.
* Keep your baby always near or touching with u in bed day and night.
* Do not allow your newborn to be given a pacifier.
* Breastfeed on demand as soon as your baby shows hunger cues such as increased activities, smacking her lips, making suckling motions, shows the expressions of searching your breast. Feed for as long as your baby desires, until she detaches spontaneously from each breast.
* Alternate the breast you offer first at each feeding to ensure equal breast stimulation and milk removal.
* Older babies will tend to feed from both breasts at each feeding but young infants may be satisfied with one breast.
* Frequent nursing will improve your milk supply.
* Ask for different positions of breast feeding and perfect latching.
For more questions and details , contact dr. jolly parikh

It is not advisable to travel with sick baby. Always prefer winter season, make checked up your child with a doctor before long tour and have all necessary utility with you for baby.
Make sure in long tours with babies.
– Have boiled water container with you.
– Do not feed heavy,during journey.
– Prefer reservation and a/c vehicle.
– Never drink outside water. Use mineral water.
– Have enough clothes, caps (which close ears tightly),socks and blankets
– Take all medicines with dropper or cup with you.
The food is also very important part during travelling.
– Breastfeed babies must have breast milk instead of trying any other milk.
– Toddlers should have powder milk, and homemade food.
– Kids can have boiled milk, hot cooked food. e.g. rice, dal, bread toast with butter, dosa, sambhar, upma etc.
Don’t make them eat so much junk food. Try different liquids and have enough water.
Have hand sanitizer with you.

Fruits are best in pregnancy that we all know.  But when you remember these rules,  you can get best result of those.

*  use seasonal

* always fresh

* without any spices or salt

* carefully washed

* use in form of room temp. (not so cooled)

* cut by yourself

* eat with peel (those can be eaten)

Also combination of fruits can be also helpful for your stomach and digestion.

eg. – papaya with apple

– orange with banana

– watermelon with pomegranate

– mango with muskmelon or peach

– custard apple with mausambi