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It is very difficult to get peace in pregnancy. So many odds and outs of body, less efficiency to work, unwanted advises and of course planning and arrangement for the baby…. don’t allow you in peaceful position.
But that’s normal. Everybody suffers from the same situation. You don’t worry and follow following steps :-
@ Select a cool, peaceful and comfortable place for sitting.
@ Close your eyes.
@ Deep breath for five times.
@ Observe your tummy and baby inside it for two minutes with close eyes.
@ Again Breathe deeply for five times.
@ Tell your mind, ( give suggestion) that I and my baby are always strong and under the care of God.
@ Speak twenty times any God’s (you believe) name or dhun.
@ Again Breath deeply and exhale from your mouth (as you blow) five times.
@ Rub your hands and get it warm. Put your palms on the closed eyes.
@ Open your eyes and get fresh and peaceful mind.

It is always said that an active mother always gets an active child. Your behavior and daily activities effect a lot in creating baby’s nature and personality.
I suggest the following ….
cooking with interest
reading books
writing poems or stories
compilation of interesting topics
music , vocal or instrument or listening
nature observation
craft and making creative things
yoga and stretching
relaxation and breathing exercise
solving puzzles,word games, Sudoku etc.
playing games like chess, jigsaw, brain storming games
watching spiritual episodes or discovery
social work
Reading sanskrit
and much more….
We suggest u books, month wise activities and benefits of all
Anytime call us for your queries of suggestions
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