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Colours make life happier.

It is our responsibility to pick the right colour and get happiness always.

Let’s have a rainbow in our life…
To make our days ” Rangeen”… with

R – Ready for any work
A – Acceptance
I – Interactive with all
N – Neutral in arguments
B – B+ve in all
O – Optimistic always
W – Wishing others

Dr Jolly Parikh.

There are many routes to relaxation, including yoga, meditation etc. Here i share you two easy method of relaxation in brief. You can do them when anxiety strikes, or regularly everyday.
Sit with your eyes closed. Relax your muscles, starting with those in your feet and working with slowly through the legs, torso, neck and face. Breathe only through the nose. As you breathe out, repeat the word ‘Om’ or ‘two’or ‘cool’or any other simple word you like. Continue the repetitions for 10 to 20 minutes.
Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose. When you breathe in you should push out your abdomen. Hold and count to four. Then, letting your shoulders and neck muscles relax, exhale slowly and comfortably to the count of six. As you breath out you abdomen will go in. Repeat the sequence four or five times to banish tension. Every time when you breath in, think that you are taking lots of positive energy and thoughts to your body and mind. When you breath out , think that you are throwing out all your worries, negative thoughts and illness.At the end feel like cool..
For more queries or method , contact dr. jolly parikh.

After 5 months of pregnancy, you may notice swelling of your feet and ankles, hands and fingers, particularly at the end of the day. It is normal to have extra fluid in your tissues during pregnancy, but much of the swelling should disappear after a good night’s sleep.

Tips to prevent swelling or puffiness

– Avoid high salt foods (like potato chips)
– Keep your feet up, on a stool or couch ,whenever possible
– Avoid standing for long periods of time.
– Do not wear tight shoes or chapples.
– Lie on your side to drain fluid from your puffy tissues.
– Try sleeping with your feet slightly higher than your heart. Raise the foot of your bed by putting a thick blanket or pillows under the mattress.
– Soak your feet in the warm water.
– Make sure to check your blood pressure.

This week’s woman’s day special blog


As a daughter –
remember your duty & love your parents
keep smiling towards them without complains
listen their complains calmly

As a sister –
Try to understand his beliefs by standing on his side once
Always help and love bhaiya without any expectations

As a wife –
Love, trust and be a friend of your honey
Always be with him at any ups and downs of life with patience and maturity

As a mother –
Role as a loving, cool teacher
Try to change yourself as they grow

As a daughter in law –
Always love and respect them as they are your lovely partner’s parents
Change yourself for happiness and peace with the help of positive attitude

As a working woman –
Understand and do not forget your priorities of life
Money is not everything

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Pregnancy is, no doubt, the most wonderful and trickiest period for a woman. Overweight pregnant women have so many problems like back pain, blood pressure, sugar in blood, trouble in labor etc. Here are some basic precautions for overweight pregnant women.
@ Make sure for regular body check up with your doctor.
@ Adopt a healthy diet for controlled weight gain. So you get perfect nutrition and less calories for your baby.(consult Astha Ayu Clinic for diet plans)
@ Examine blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Get routine urine tests done.
@ Exercise, do yoga and deep breathing but under supervision.
@ Look out for signs of premature delivery. Regular sonography is needed.
@ Ensure adequate sleep
@ Don’t think so much but be practical and try to tackle the situation with patience.

It is said that you should take care of your self till 6 weeks after delivery, as your uterus will take that much time to have original position and condition. Also, your baby will take that much time to adjust with feeding, environment and daily routine.
1) Don’t try to drive
2) Don’t lift anything heavier than your baby
3) Don’t try sex before you’ve healed
4) Don’t take any pills without doctor’s advice
5) Don’t do heavy household chores.
6) Don’t talk so much on mobile phones
7) Don’t over eat

Nausea and Vomiting
are very common in first trimester(first three months of pregnancy)
easy tips to get comfort from them. try it –
@ Have plenty of fluids
@ Eat Small frequent food
@ Keep high carbohydrate snacks with you in bed to eat early morning
@ Do relaxation exercise to make you stress free
@ Go in fresh air and deep breath
Ayurved magic :- use mint or ginger or elaichi prepration in your mouth when needed